Why I Love The DC – Second Place Winner

I love the DCs for letting me explore healthy options and for simultaneously serving delicious quinoa salad and wings. I love the quiet, sunny Sunday mornings with jazz and made-to-order egg white omelettes, setting me up for the rest of my day, as well as the late hours during finals and the crowd-pleasing jazzbrunchchocolate fondue that always makes a welcome return - a perfect companion to the late night study break I recall with fond amusement. I love that I can count on having an overwhelming number of choices at Hampshire; that I can have great stir fry with a selection of chili sauces at Franklin; that Worcester will have the strangest flavor combinations for entrees but also an ever-reliable salad bar where I learned to like black beans. I love that each DC has its own flavor and that my friends (UMass students or not) can dispute over which one they find best. I love that it is both a place to eat a quick late dinner and to gather with friends, study groups and family members, all of which I have shared meals with at any one of the DCs. Thanks for keeping us well-fed UMass Dining!

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Rowena Leung, Operations & Information Management, Class of 2014

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Rowena Leung
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