Why I Love The DC - 3rd Place

Food, like math, is seemingly universal. Your taste buds are the only tool you need. Unlike math though, food is something I more graciously invite into my life. Food is also home. The dining commons on campus do a fantastic job of providing their students, myself included, with a variety of choices that cater to a multitude of cultures. I love how I can walk into any dining hall on any given day and eat a meal that is reminiscent of something my mom might make. At the same time though there’s the option to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. The vegetarian and gluten-free stations are also a plus. Eating healthy is made easy and convenient too (I still find myself splurging on ice cream and cookies once in a while regardless). At the end of the day though, the dining commons provide a kitchen table away from home; a place to sit in solitude and enjoy an omelet before your 9 a.m.; a place to meet friends, to share laughs, to enjoy good food. 

Authored by: Jenna Mola, Freshman, Undeclared

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Jenna Mola
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