Why I Love The DCs- Honorable Mention

Dining commons are a place like no other; one in which worlds collide, bringing forth students, families, workers, and professors from all walks of life. Just as the tables come in all shapes and sizes, the dining commons provide an atmosphere for individuality and acceptance. Together we gather, not simply to eat, but to savor the joy of companionship in this welcoming community. We taste the wondrous flavors of food that UMass has to offer, and whether one likes spicy, savory, bitter, or sweet morsels, the dining commons never disappoint.

As students, we learn to view the dining commons as another home. Of course there are places we have grown in the past, the dorms where we rest our heads, but, in the long run, dining commons subsist as a retreat at any time of day. Look around you: there sit individuals creating friendships, laughing, studying, joking, relaxing, reuniting, and, of course, eating. We come to fill our hunger for the day ahead, yet in the process, we take a bite of life, tasting all that it has to offer as UMass fills our plates with food and the opportunity to cook ourselves an abundance of memories. 

Authored by Ashley McDermott, English Major, Class of 2018

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Ashley McDermott
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