Why I Love The DC- Honorable Mention


As an incoming freshman coming to UMass Amherst, the last thing I was worried about was my diet. I knew UMass had “amazing” food but looking back now, I did not know what that actually meant. The past two years I have spent in the dining halls have changed my life. UMass Dining has exposed me to sustainable, healthy food. I have gotten the chance to eat food that I would normally never buy or know how to cook. From delicious kale smoothies to amazing quinoa salads, I am surrounded by good tasting healthy options everyday.

The dining commons also shows their interest in student’s health and happiness by organizing cookouts, famous chefs to visit, and cooking classes all of which my friends and I look forward to throughout the semester. I had the opportunity to attend the Mexican dinner cooking class where my friends and I were taught by UMass chefs to make delicious traditional Mexican cuisine. It was one of my most enjoyable experiences at school. UMass dining has exposed my peers and I to an entirely new lifestyle of healthy, gourmet food and I could not be more appreciative!

Authored by: Sarah Strangie, Sophmore, Communication Major 

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Sarah Strangie
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