SPE Certified Dining at UMass Amherst

SPE Certified Dining at UMass Amherst

Did you know that UMass Dining is SPE certified?  UMass Dining has joined the movement in creating a holistic approach that focuses not just on health, but on the sourcing, preparing and enhancing of food for their students. SPE stands for “Sanitas per Escam” in Latin, which when translated means “Health through Food” and that is exactly what it is!

Healthy food can be nutritious and delicious when eating at our many dining locations. This program is unique because it focuses on presenting our students with food that enhances the nutritional quality of meals, without having to compromise the great taste.

Have you ever found yourself wandering through the dining halls trying to find all the ingredients for a nutritious meal? Well now you don’t need to! Our dining commons now serve SPE certified meals that students can enjoy, that come in the right portions and ensure maximum nutritional value. These dishes are engineered to ensure maximum nutrition and great taste when dining, so that you leave the table feeling energized with a true feeling of wellbeing.

SPE dishes are composed of high-quality, nutrient-sense ingredients selected to provide the whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, quality proteins and healthy fats needed for lasting satiety. These dishes are prepared with a preference of ingredients from local and sustainable sources, and non-GMO, hormone-free and antibiotic-free foods are encouraged. But above all, taste matters!

UMass Dining is committed to eliminating butter and cream from appetizers and entrees, as well as limiting their use in deserts. Our master chefs encourage the use of minimally-processed foods, to minimize the amount of unhealthy ingredients such as salt and sugar. Rather than using unhealthy fats and industrial trans-fats, we’re committed to using “good” fats of higher nutritional quality. All SPE meals highlight key allergens (dairy, gluten, and nuts, etc.) so that you can make a safe, educated choice when dining. And above all, UMass Dining is dedicated to creating savory, nutritional and exceptional meals for all of our students!

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Brooke Lavalle
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UMass Dining Intern