Welcome Parents and Classes of 2017

Welcome Parents and Classes of 2017

It’s that time of the year again - UMass is conducting Freshmen Orientation for the Class of 2017 for the next 5 weeks. As always, the Office of Parent Services is also offering Parents and Family Orientations simultaneously to ensure that the new UMass parents can learn as much as possible about the academic program and campus life and how to best support their student.

As for UMass Dining, these are important times for us to take care of both students and parents for their dining needs, to answer any questions about the meal plan, special dietary needs, gifts from home, on-campus dining options, and any questions related to staying at our UMass hotel since we are also responsible for lodgings on campus.

Garett DiStefano, our director of residential dining and myself will be giving presentations during the parents’ luncheon on ‘UMass Dining’ and will be available to answer questions. It is always a fun time, not only do we welcome the parents officially to UMass, most importantly, we want to ensure them that their students are in good hands as we offer a healthy, delicious dining program. We promote health and sustainability through inspiring menus and serving local, seasonal and minimally-processed foods. We are also featuring more plant-based and globally-influenced entrees, compared to past menus.

Sure, most parents are aware that UMass Dining has a great reputation and is award winning, but it is so important for us to meet them personally and assure them we always put students first. With the opening of the newly renovated Hampshire DC in August and our efforts to serve even healthier and best tasting food, dining at UMass is the place to be.

We invite you to join the table of our UMass family; come taste our food, explore the flavors, and even add your input, by sharing your recipes and being a part of the UMass community now and throughout the next four years.

Please send us your recipes and direct questions to us through www.umassdining.com  and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. We love to hear from you.

This is Ken Toong, thank you for keep UMass Dining on the top.

Contact Ken at [email protected]

You can follow Ken Toong on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/KenToong

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE/UMASS DINING OPERATIONS FAQ: UMass Dining is committed to the health & safety of our students, faculty and staff. We are following guidelines set by our local, state and national health officials; we routinely monitor our dining facilities; we have implemented additional sanitation measures to ensure customer safety; and we are in constant contact with the campus community.