Txt n Tell

Txt n Tell

Have you ever wanted to let UMass Dining know how much you love our food? Well now you can, with our new Txt n Tell feedback program! We weren’t rated "#1 College Food" for nothing. No, we listen to our students’ feedback and strive to improve constantly!

Txt n Tell is the newest way to communicate with UMass Dining. Each dining location has a specific code (txthamp, txtberk, txtfrank, txtwor, etc.) that can be tweeted or texted, so we can further provide you with the best quality service, food, experience, and more!

What’s in it for you? Every month we will be drawing two winners to win a $50 gift card to UMass! Not only that, but with all your feedback, our UMass Dining team can better cater to you.

It’s easy - All you have to do is create a new text message to “55744,” then in your message, enter the dining common’s specific code (txthamp, txtberk, txtfrank, txtwor, etc.). Once you have done so, the next step is to rate your current experience on a scale of 1-5 in four different categories: quality of food, overall healthfulness, service, and menu variety. Once you have entered in your ratings, you can add any comments or suggestions to your text, for example “I loved the chicken tonight, it was delicious!” or “I wish there was more kale in the salad bar.”

Once you have provided us with your feedback, your messages will appear on the numerous TVs in the Dining Commons where the DC Managers can respond back to your feedback.

Not a texter? Tweet to @UMassDining with your comments or suggestions and hashtag the specific dining common code (#txthamp, #txtberk, #txtfrank, #txtwor, etc.) anywhere in your tweet.

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Brooke Lavallee
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UMass Dining Intern

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