Why I Love The DC – Runner Up Winner

Why I Love The DC – Runner Up Winner

It was a hot summer day when my dad and I took our first campus tour of UMass. We were both excited to try the food that everyone had been raving about—our stomachs began to grumble at the thought of the plethora of choices that would soon be in front of us.  We ate at Hamp and were in awe of the delicious handmade pizzas and desserts.

Now when my dad comes to visit and we go to the newly remodeled dining hall, we sit for hours talking over the same delicious food.  My dad told me once that he never imagined himself sitting at his daughter’s school cafeteria, talking with her about life.  But that is what we do, and that is what we share. I could go on forever about the delectable stir-fry and ethnic dishes that are available to us at UMass every day, but the DC has become more than that.  When you walk into the dining hall and hear the loud hum of laughter, you realize that it is a place to spend time with friends—exchanging stories and making memories.  It is a place where I can spend time with my dad, sharing a little piece of my school with him.  It is a place where each of us can find time to relax and surround ourselves with the closest people in our life.  And the amazing food doesn’t hurt a bit either.

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Annika Olson, Psychology, Class of 2016

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Annika Olson
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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE/UMASS DINING OPERATIONS FAQ: UMass Dining is committed to the health & safety of our students, faculty and staff. We are following guidelines set by our local, state and national health officials; we routinely monitor our dining facilities; we have implemented additional sanitation measures to ensure customer safety; and we are in constant contact with the campus community.