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We are humbled by the generosity of those who helped put this book together, especially the parents and friends who shared their recipes. Some recipes have been passed down for several generations and all of them are treasures from home.
Martha Monaghan, our manager and producer of this book, worked tirelessly to ensure everyone met their deadlines and brought the job to completion. Kate Leahy, our editor for the past five years, shared her keen eye and inimitable touch to
every recipe. Mala Subbaswamy, wife of UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy, graciously submitted a family-favorite recipe. Deb Kline, our gifted designer for many years, put the
book together with thoughtful pictures and graphic design work.
In addition, several departments on campus assisted us in many ways, especially with the promotion and publishing of the book. These unsung heroes came from the Office of Branding and Creative Communication, the Development Office, Parent Services, New Students Orientation, and the Office of News and Information. And our thanks extends to our own UMass Dining staff, who tested, refined, and served many of these recipes to our customers during Family Weekend and throughout the year.
Last but not least, our gratitude goes to the UMass campus community for their support and suggestions in making UMass Dining Services one of the best dining programs in the nation. Thank you all.

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