First-Ever DC Waste Reduction Competition

Berkshire reduced its waste by 1,025 pounds this week to win the DC
Waste Reduction Competition.

That evens out to 1/2 oz. per meal!
If everyone reduced their waste by 1 oz. (that's the weight of half an
egg!), we would save 135,433 pounds of waste per year!

(Click here for the Winner's Menu)


Reduce your food waste  to win the first-ever DC Waste Reduction Competition. During the week of April 15-19, Berkshire, Franklin, and Worcester will be battling it out to see which DC can reduce their food waste the most. Students will be scraping and weighing their own food scraps while learning about UMass composting and the impacts of waste. Reduce your food waste and help your DC win a celebratory meal on Earth Day, April 22nd!

Did you know?!

UMass Dining proudly composts all of its food waste at a local farm in Belchertown. Still, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food is wasted every year!

Not to mention wasted time and energy to grow, ship, and prepare it!

Do your part and take less food at your next meal (go back for seconds if you're still hungry!)

Not sure if you'll like a dish? Ask for a sample!

This week, reduce your food waste and help your DC win the first ever DC Waste Reduction Competition.

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