2018-2019 Academic Year

YCMP Off-Campus Plan

All YCMP Off-Campus Plans include Dining Dollars.  A dollar-for-dollar exchange program, Dining Dollars can be used in retail dining locations, food trucks, University Club & Restaurant, UPub, concessions and Dining Commons. Dining Dollars may not be used in Campus Markets. Dining Dollars carry forward from during the academic year (Fall–Spring). Additional Dining Dollars can be added to the Unlimited+, Unlimited, and YCMP Off-Campus 155/65 and the YCMP on the Go Meal Plan at any time.

Infographic - An Overview of the Commuter Meal Plan

 YCMP Off-Campus 155

  • $1,875 / Semester
  • Includes 155 DC/Retail Meals + $200 Dining Dollars

 YCMP Off-Campus 65

  • $856 / Semester
  • Include 65 DC/Retail Meals + $125 Dining Dollars

 YCMP On the Go!

  • $800 / Semester
  • Includes $800 Dining Dollars + 5 DC Meals

Residential OR Commuter Plan


  • $1,477 / Semester
  • Open to Juniors and Seniors Only (57+ Completed Credits)
  • Includes 100 DC/Retail Meals ($10.00/meal)
  • Dining Dollars not included

YCMP Platinum

  • $2,712 / Semester
  • Open to Juniors and Seniors Only (57+ Completed Credits)
  • Includes 200 DC/Retail Meals ($10.00/meal)
  • Dining Dollars not included


Commuters can purchase ANY semester meal plan they choose. 

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