Today's Menu

Driscoll Berry Toast

All served on UMass Bakeshop fresh baked Brioche bread

Served daily from 8am-2pm

Nuts for Berry Toast

Toasted brioche, whipped ricotta, macerated berries, candied nuts


Nutella & Strawberry Toast

Toasted brioche, Nutella ricotta, strawberries, berry syrup


Triple B Toast

Toasted brioche, whipped ricotta, candied bacon, macerated berries, arugula



Croissant Sandwiches

All served on a toasted UMass Bakeshop butter croissant

Served daily from 10am-2pm

Croque Monsieur 

French ham, Gruyere cheese, Dijon aioli, toasted UMass Bakeshop croissant



French ham, roasted pork, Gruyere cheese, local pickles, Dijon aioli


Driscoll’s berry & brie

Local apples, berry spread, arugula




Coffee Menu

Variety of Coffee beverages available. Customizable sizes, flavors, diary, and MORE!

Milkshakes $5.50

Vanilla | Chocolate | Driscoll’s Strawberry

Smoothies $6.00

All smoothies are yogurt based and made with Driscoll’s berries

Berries-n-cream | Strawberry Banana |Very Berry* |Hidden Greens w/Spinach*

*Available as diary free or vegan

Packaged Driscoll’s Berries Available for purchase

Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries