Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Let’s collaborate to support and promote excellence in collegiate dining! It’s a great way to offer students a first look at new recipes, products and your brand. Explore the different ways that make the largest collegiate dining program in America a resource for the industry’s next big thing. Our programs include:

  • Menu Ideation & Product Testing

Plant-forward or Plant-based? Whatever recipes are trending or products you want to promote, our award-winning chefs will collaborate with your team to create an array of modified, upgraded or new recipes.

  • Nutritional Education

Our extensive nutrition program allows students to meet one-on-one with our Registered Dieticians. Create healthy, sustainable, and delicious meals – always approved by our RDs!

  • Student Surveys

How aware are college students of your brand or product? We have over 23,000 students on our meal plan who enjoy providing feedback. Have questions in mind or want us to develop them? We’ll work with you for the best results. 

  • Special Events

Events are what our students crave! Interested in creating a Limited Time Offer, Weekly Special, Tabling or a full-on special at our Dining Common? We will customize an event to fit your needs and ours.

  • Sponsorships/Grants/Funding Opportunities

Want to sponsor an event? Have a project you want to work with us one? Provide a proposal to find out the best ways to reach your target audience.



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